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Trendhunter.com Compliments PocketSquareZ

Pre-Cut Suit Hankerchiefs   Carly Foy Star   The Pocket Squarez Solves Your Folding Problems Published: May 26, 2011 • References: PocketSquareZ The concept of Pocket Squarez is a simple idea that will help to avoid the refolding of your suit square. Available in an overwhelming amount of colors [...]

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Bow Tie Thursday by PocketSquareZ.com

Bow Tie Thursday:  What Do Pocket Squarez Have To Do With Bow Ties (@DapperFashion) January 10, 2013       websterstyle  I know that you have read the title of this post and asked yourself two very important questions: 1) Why is squarez spelled wrong?  and 2) What do pocket squarez have to do with bow ties? [...]

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