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Running Circles Around Squares - ELLE Red Carpet Rockstar

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Bossande Bröstnäsdukar: Pocket Squarez gör tokfina förvikta näsdukar att stoppa i kavajfickan och vad jag förstår är dom fästa på nån slags skiva som man lätt viker och anpassar.

Dom har över 150 olika fantasifulla vikningar och jag har plockat ut ett par höjdare.

TRANSLATION: I really like these pre-folded pocket squares by Pocket Squarez.

Obsession Confession : Benny Black on PocketSquareZ

Confession: Benny Black     by Abby Gregoryon Jan 17, 2012 in Features   The “Mirage” pocket square ($12) and the “PocketCircleZ 5” pocket square ($19), shown here, were selected by the candidate as the most representative of his personal taste. Since our launch, DFW Style Daily has reveled in revealing the fashion fixations of our city’s top trendsetters in [...]

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72 Groom Pocket Square Designs You Didn't Know About for Weddings

Monday, August 2, 2010 72 Groom Pocket Square Designs You Didn't Know About   Hey all you soon-to-be-grooms! It's YOUR wedding too, so why not step up your big day fashion by trying out a unique & new pocket square design!Having a regular (formal) tucked-in pocket square is soooo 2008, so buck tradition and choose a fresh hankie [...]

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Trendhunter.com Compliments PocketSquareZ

Pre-Cut Suit Hankerchiefs   Carly Foy Star   The Pocket Squarez Solves Your Folding Problems Published: May 26, 2011 • References: PocketSquareZ The concept of Pocket Squarez is a simple idea that will help to avoid the refolding of your suit square. Available in an overwhelming amount of colors [...]

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