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The Theory and Science Behind Handkerchief Pocketology

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PocketSquareZ.com the Pocketology Experts

                                   "A pocket is a terrible thing to waste, but a beautiful thing to invest in !"

Whether you are ultra conservative or flamboyant, traditional or contemporary, austere or debonair; the embellishment of a pocket square identifies a man with exceptional style and taste. No longer used as a hanky to keep your nose in check. Today a square is for showing and not for blowing. The pocket square has become an essential fashion accessory to add flair to a man’s wardrobe. 

At PocketSquareZ.com we have over 150 trendy design folds that are unique to the fashion community! From college grads to corporate brass, we have a fold that will best compliment your style. In these fast paced, rapidly moving days where some say time means money, our purpose is to add originality, flair and unique expression without the fuss and muss of typical handkerchiefs.

For years pocket square wearers have had to fight with ironing, starching and folding this fashion accent. Worst yet, some have even tried to pin their pocket square inside their jacket, to prevent it from falling down or constantly adjusting. However this quick fix often becomes time consuming, unsightly and frustrating.

As certified pocketologist we at PocketSquareZ.com applied some ingenuity, innovation and imagination to create a brand new concept. PocketSquareZ are distinctively unique, custom preformed handkerchiefs, attached to an unseen insert card that easily slips into your pocket. You fold the card to the required height for the depth of your jacket pocket. Then simply drop it in and go! “No hassle class” is what we call it.

They save you time, money and frustration. No need to fold, starch, iron, pin or adjust ever again. And they will never submarine down into your pocket!

This allows you to focus in on what you should. Looking good!

It’s Pocket Candy for the Man on the Go! Why not give us a try; and drop one in with style.

T e R e S a 

Pocketology Specialist

PocketSquareZ@aol.com    /    215 554 0889

www. PocketSquareZ. com

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